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Improving  your organization!

We let you shine as employer!

By co-creating best in class employee experiences & upskilling your employees on human centered innovation.

designthinking class in action

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Working on your employee experience challenges in full collaboration with your staff over a period of 1-3 months.

In our training-programs  (1-5 days) we enable your staff to continue to work on employee journeys after we step out.

Your organization will be left with new and improved employee journeys that allow you to win the ‘war on talent’ and be the employer you want to be. It will not be a one-off effort but you will have new skills in place including a way of working and toolbox to continuously deliver best in class employee experiences.

We boost your innovations!

By designing and launching new business models

When designing for your customers it comes down to really understanding their needs first. We do this by applying a wide range of qualitative research methodologies backed up by desk research.

From here we can start our ideation which starts by generating large quantities of ideas and then drilling it down to that number one idea which will be launched successfully.

Our involvement ranges from 1 day to 8 months as a lead of the entire project or as mentor of your own inhouse innovation or product team.

Design Thinking principles, we love them.
Here's why.

  • It improves team spirit and collaboration
  • Employees & customers feel engaged and empowered to contribute
  • Innovation projects have a much higher success ratio

Upskilling, consultancy

Upskilling, consultancy

Upskilling, consultancy

Upskilling, consultancy

Upskilling, consultancy

and delivering innovations

and delivering innovations

and delivering innovations

and delivering innovations

and delivering innovations

of FlipT Innovation

Our partners enable us to always be flexible to scale up quickly and have the right people on the job you have at hand for us.

At FlipT we value long standing relations and we and our partners work with highly experienced people that can connect on different levels in large organizations and with diverse cultures around the globe.


About FlipT Innovation

01. Delivering validated & implemented business models

From having a problem worth solving, to having the best (validated) solution that can be realized and operationalized. We will do this for and with you, to ensure internal stakeholders are involved at the right moments in time.

02. Delivering validated & implemented employee experiences

Our approach is focused on co-creation to ensure that your employees are truly heard and involved in the design of new and improved employee experiences. We make sure to embed a continuous feedback and improvement loop continue to be the employer of choice.

03. Making ourselves obsolete & empower your organization to innovate

From being supported by us to deliver upon one of your business challenges towards having an organizations that is ready to innovate without external support; leading by example, training, your innovation way of working defined including a fixed toolset with instructions.

04. Embedding human centered innovation skills in your team.

We facilitate team sessions that allow for example allow you to build and design a strategy moving forward (without dancing around the pink elephant in the room). Through engaging activities and well led conversations every team member’s input will be reflected in the outcome and the team is at the same page.

Client Voice

(FlipT) Thomas is my go to when it comes to designing and improving business products and services. He has the ability to quite naturally connect with people and leaders, helping them tackle and solve complex problems in a creative and innovative way. I really appreciate how Thomas brings purpose as a way to introduce organisational change in a sustainable way.

Rishita JonesOwner - NRG HR

It's always a pleasure to work with Thomas. He is enthusiastic, guards peace when necessary and provides inspiring input to go into depth. This makes Thomas a great trainer and motivating facilitator. Exactly what you need if you want to improve your business processes, design new business models or transform your corporate culture and employee experience, with real results as output.

Alouschka van DijkCX Consultant

Thomas excels in facilitating discussions. He makes sure that workshops follow a collaborative and open format. "Why" might be a simple question, but it part of his process to uncover a deeper layer. In addition, with Thomas on board, you are set for drafting and refining customer personas and journey mapping.

Frank van BeuzekomPartner - NetPositiveLabs

Thomas is an experienced entrepreneurial Design Thinking facilitator. His hands-on personal approach is helping teams in all kinds of organizations tackle complex challenges. He inspires people to take special effort in finding the problems that are worth solving as a basis for coming up with great ideas from solutions. Thomas distinguishes himself by also contributing from a content perspective being genuinely interested in the broad range of challenges he has been working on during the many years of work in this space. It always is a joy and inspiring to work together.

Tim SchuurmanOwner & partner - DesignThinkers Academy